Adding offers is easy in simpleERB. You can add offers which are specific to dates, days or even certain times.

To set up an offer, go to your advanced settings > general > booking offers.

Choose an offer title and description. You can limit the allocation on the offer if you wish. You might do this if you are running it alongside a drinks promo where you only have a certain amount of stock or you might only want a certain amount of customers to be able to get a special discount.

If you want this to be available on your widget, click 'available for web bookings'.

You can then add availability between two dates and choose on which days and at which times the offer is bookable. You can also enter any minimum and maximum booking sizes. You might not want large tables booking a high discount offer.

Once you've confirmed availability and saved the offer, you will now be able to apply this to any bookings you make manually and it will be available to customers on the widget ONLY at the times which you have specified.

If you want to set the offer to only be available to a select few customers, or maybe an offer for your mailing list, just tick 'private only' and share the URL of the offer with whoever you want to have access to it.

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