Our grid view allows you to add bookings, move tables and lengthen or shorten stay times. Here's some tips on how to use it.

  • Double clicking is used as a shortcut to open the Individual Booking Page (IBP) in a box. Just double click the cell for the time slot you want corresponding with the table and the IBP will automatically populate with the relevant date/time, table no and covers. If you need to change covers, simpleERB will suggest a new table or join.
  • Single clicking on a cell highlights it and allows you to click on other tables that you want to join to this table. Just click on the blue info box to get to the booking page.
  • Clicking on a cell that is already highlighted (as part of a multiple cell selection) removes it from the join and book set.
  • You can drag and drop any cell onto another cell to move the reservation to another table. If the cell already has a table on it, it will switch the two bookings provided they are for the same time.
  • You can lengthen the booking or shorten it by highlighting the end of the last cell and extending it. 
  • Where a timeslot requires manager authorisation, a 'Make manager booking’ popup  appears with a relevant message e.g. “This timeslot has a reduced turn time of 90 mins. Manager authorisation required.” A pin number or username & password should be entered to proceed, after which the booking page or walkin box will appear.
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