To add your simpleERB widget link to your instagram profile for customers is easy. 

On your Instagram account, click the “edit profile” button located at the top of your profile. 

In the website category, add in your unique booking widget link from the ‘booking widget setting’. 

You need locate the part of code that begins <a href="" and copy the web address located between the href="…" this is your widget url, note it somewhere for later. (Note: we have changes coming to make this step much easier)

Once added, then you can add in your “Book Here” caption. You need to add this to your Bio section of the “edit profile”. We suggest this is the last entry in your bio so customers can be easily directed to the booking link. 

Then click done and you will see the booking link for you customers. They will then be direct to your simpleERB online booking widget.

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