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How does the Grid view help with table management?
How does the Grid view help with table management?

Grid view allows you to add bookings and make quick changes.

Written by Chelsea
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Our grid view allows you to add bookings, move tables and lengthen or shorten stay times. Here are some tips on how to use it or view our quick overview video here.

It's a very useful view to see all the bookings in one place which can assist in identifying periods and tables/areas that could do with some bookings being rearranged to free up tables at peak times.

Add a booking (telephone or walkin) - 

Click the corresponding cell for the booking date/time and you will see two blue buttons appear. Just like in the image below, one will say Book and the other Walk-in.

Click the "Book" button to see the full individual booking place to add in the full customer details. 

Click the "Add Walk-in" button to quickly save and seat customer walkin in you diary.

Booking Management tip:

By recording the walkin quickly in the Grid view you will visually see the best table to place the customers on. For example; it's a busy Saturday night, the customer says they are only in for drinks, you could place them on a table with a with a reduced stay time and advise they need to vacate by X time for another booking that will arrive rather than booking the customer on a free table with a full allocated stay time.

Add a booking to a joined table

To add a booking to a couple of tables, select the table's cells to mark all the tables you want to book. You will see (just like the image below) that the blue book button will show all the tables selected. Clicking this will then create a table join for that booking. 

Moving tables around - 

In Grid View you can quickly move and change a bookings table by clicking and selecting the booking and dragging it to the new desired table cell. A pop up box will appear to confirm the change. When moving a table that is apart of a table join, this will update the bookings join. 

Booking management tip:

Move tables about in peak periods to free up the more commonly booked tables. Example: If you have a booking of 4 covers on a join of 2 tables of 2 with a spare table of 5 covers become available, you could move the 4 cover to that table to free up those 2 tables for another two bookings.

Increase or decrease a tables stay time - 

Click the end of the booking and then drag it forward to increase and backwards to decrease. A pop up message will appear to confirm the new stay time. 

Booking management tip:

Has a table just asked for the bill or have they only decided to order coffee/cake? Then you could reduce the stay time to get another booking in.

Booking a red 'manager only' booking - 

Where a time slot requires manager authorisation, a 'Make manager booking’ popup  appears with a relevant message e.g. “This timeslot has a reduced turn time of 90 mins. Manager authorisation required.” A pin number or username & password should be entered to proceed, after which the booking page or walkin box will appear. 

Booking management tip:

This can help you take extra covers and quick revenue which you may have normally passed on if you thought you were fully booked if the customer is happy to take the table at a reduced stay time.

Overriding a table max covers 'manager only' -

Managers/owners can move bookings and override a tables max cover size with confirming the override. Example, they could override a tables max of 4 covers and move a booking of 5 covers to that table authorising the override.

Booking Management tip:

You may have a booking of 4 covers on a join but notice in the booking notes they are bringing a baby. You could move that table to a table that holds 3 covers which accommodates space for a baby highchair/pram with the override. This allows you to free up the tables in the booked join for more customers.

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