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Forward covers and business planning
Forward covers and business planning

" Pipeline ", "forward covers booked report "

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In our release (15.5.1)  we have one feature that we would like to talk about in more depth.

This is "Forward Covers Booked". It is a simple report but we think it could be very useful to you.

It allows you to compare your forward covers for a period on a given date, usually "today",  with your forward covers for the same period last year, or in previous years.

An example would be:

You want to plan for Xmas, what extra staff do you need, how many Xmas crackers to buy etc.

You can now create a report which shows you how many covers you have booked as of today, for the period 01 Dec 19 to 31 Dec 19  compared to the forward covers you had on this date last year for the period 01 Dec 18 to 31 Dec 18.

So if you see that you only have 85% of last years covers, then you now know that you probably need to do some extra marketing, create special offers in simpleERB and email them to your customer base.

If however, you see that you are 25% up, then you will need to recruit more staff than you had last year and certainly buy more Xmas crackers!

As a next step you can look at your cash position in the previous period and make informed estimates as to what it will be in the coming period based on the data from this report.

See our quick overview video here about simpleERB reports. 

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