Can't make any booking on the widget for a particular date?

Check if you have set widget to be closed at

Check what days of the week and times  your restaurant is open at

Check what days you might have set to be closed on at

Check what days you might  be partially closed on at

Check you have set the ability for future booking availability on your widget at

CAN make a booking on widget but CAN'T make a booking for above "x" covers on widget?

Check your max covers per timeslot at

Ceck your max covers for a particular time at

Check your widget max covers at

Check minimum time between booking and arrival at

Check any areas you might have closed at

Check that your smallest largest bookings at

Check any table you might have closed off to web bookings in your table plan at

Check that you don't have a 'partial open day's' setting edit listed with open/close times as 00:00 as this will close out those days.

And remember the widget will only take bookings up to your largest single table. If you want it to take bookings for joined tables you need to set up tables that can be joined at

See our quick view video here for more about widget setup. 

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