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Can I prevent online bookings on certain tables/restaurant areas on specific days?
Can I prevent online bookings on certain tables/restaurant areas on specific days?
How to close certain tables and restaurant areas for bookings on specific days.
Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

With simpleERB you are able to close off certain tables and/or restaurant areas on specific days to online widget bookings. 

This is useful if you have a specific table/s in your restaurant in a certain area you wish to only have your staff allocate bookings to on particular dates or times. 

For example; your terrace area in summer is popular and you always have customers requesting to be seated there at weekend lunch time, however, you prefer to have the ability to allocate specific customers or bookings yourself to these tables rather than simpleERB just allocate a table to a booking as per your setting requirements.

To stop widget bookings in the terrace area, you need to update your widget booking/availability on the link below. The section you require to amend is right at the bottom of this setting under the heading "long term".

Here you can select a recurring day or specific date along with the booking time you wish to suspend. Then using the drop down box under 'select tables' you can then choose which table you want to stop online widget bookings for. 

Take note that you can select more than one table at a time to add to the suspend. This is handy if you have other tables in alternative areas you also wish to close from online widget bookings. After selecting all table you wish to add to the suspend, click the blue "remove availability" button. 

You can see below, we have now closed online widget bookings for Mondays at lunch service. If you no longer need the suspend, just delete this.

If you wanted certain tables to always never be available for online widget bookings, please see help article below. This is handy if you have large tables you wish to keep for telephone large party bookings.

See our quick overview video here about widget settings. 

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