If you find that you are unable to manually add a customer booking into your simpleERB diary or grid view, it may be down to a setting.

Check what days of the week and times  your restaurant is open at - https://app.simpleerb.com/restaurant/setup/simple/opentimes.aspx

Check what days you might have set to be closed on at -https://app.simpleerb.com/restaurant/setup/advanced/closeddates.aspx

Check what days you might be partially closed on at  - https://app.simpleerb.com/restaurant/setup/advanced/partialopen.aspx

Check that your table layout and restaurant areas are set up correctly to take bookings and that tables have not been missed -

If you only have one restaurant area to take bookings, always make sure the cover box is left bank -

Check your max covers per timeslot is adequate at

Check your max covers for a particular time at https://app.simpleerb.com/restaurant/setup/advanced/maxcovers/

Check any areas you might have closed at -https://app.simpleerb.com/restaurant/setup/advanced/closedareas.aspx

Check that your smallest largest bookings at https://app.simpleerb.com/restaurant/setup/advanced/SmallesLargest.aspx

Check any tables you might have closed off to bookings in your table plan at


Also remember if your system is unable to take a larger booking, make sure you have set up table joins at - 


If you find you can only make 'manager bookings' check that your table turn time is not conflicting with your restaurant opening times - 


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