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Where can I download my invoices?
Where can I download my invoices?

You can download invoices and make changes to billing information

Written by Chelsea
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To locate and download your simpleERB invoices, login to your account with a owner login and access your payment history at - 

You will need to amend the start date to the oldest billing date to view your past invoices. 

Then click the view button on the specific payment and then the view invoice button to download. The invoice will open in a new tab. 

Your invoice will appear as per below; 

If you need to add a different billing address, notes and email recipient to your invoice, please add them in the billing information setting found at - 

Invoices will be automatically sent and emailed monthly / annually as per your billing plan that has been set up. 

If you need to check your next billing date, this can be found at - 

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