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How to add extra levels of authority to staff logins.
How to add extra levels of authority to staff logins.

You can add pin numbers and cancellation restrictions for an additional level of auditing.

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If you wish to add another level of authority on your staff logins, you can add this by way of individual PIN numbers or restricting who can cancel customer bookings.

Adding PIN Numbers - 

Pin numbers are an additional level of auditing in which staff member enters information into the system and ensure the correct staff member has the authority to make certain bookings or actions.

To set up pin numbers, you need to tick the check box on the staff setting at - 

You will then need to edit each staff user and create a pin for them in order to be able to confirm actions in the diary. If you don't create a pin for each user, once enabled users without a pin will not be recognised.

If a staff member uses the system while logged in to your manager or owner username and attempts to perform a change only available to a manager, it will prompt the user to input the pin or full username login via a pop up dialogue box. 

When pins are enabled, you will be also required to add in a pin to confirm a basic booking.

Please be aware though that it will not record who made the change using the pin that was entered. The record will be logged as the username login, therefore, it's best to have the staff members name as a part of the username.

If you want to record staff member usage by name, each staff needs to log in to the system using their user name you have set up. Most restaurants will have a couple of specific manager user accounts and then only on main login for all wait level staff. 

Pins will log to confirm who performed the last action. This is located in the booking place field at the top, above the customer name. Please see in the example below. Please note that PIN records are only applicable to certain important changes such as; stay time edits, date/time, manager overrides, table changes or booking cancellations. It is not applicable to adding booking notes, selecting booking info buttons or cover changes. Any table changes performed in Grid view are not recorded by PINS.

Cancellation Restriction - 

Some restaurants may wish to have control over who can cancel customer bookings within simpleERB. 

This can be useful for large party/function or event bookings that restaurants may only wish a manager/owner to cancel as they may require a deposit to be returned or to take a cancellation fee which some staff do not have access to. 

To enable this feature, in the staff settings, you need to tick the second tick box in the yellow help text. It will state; "Tick here if you want only users logged in as a Manager or as an Owner to be able to cancel customers' bookings ".

Once you have this enabled, this means that when a waiter is logged into their simpleERB account they will be unable to cancel off any bookings. 

You will see in the screenshot below that the waiter will see that where the usual blue coloured "cancel booking" button appears it will state "must be manager or owner to cancel" . 

If you no longer require this additional authority level, you can simply untick the option to revert back to allowing all logins to cancel bookings.

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