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Why do I have bookings in the unassigned tab?
Why do I have bookings in the unassigned tab?

Bookings can be filtered into the unassigned tab if availability has not been updated

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

This article is helpful for customers who advertise their restaurant with our sister company 

If you are finding that some customer bookings are being filtered into your unassigned tab, this will be because 5pm have not been advised of your updated availability. 

Your 5pm bookings will filter into your simpleERB system according to your settings you have set up. As and your simpleERB system are not joined for availability, if you close off booking slots/tables in your simpleERB account the 5pm system would not be aware of this and still accept the booking. 

The booking will then be filtered into the unassigned tab. If you click the tab it will drop down to view all the bookings. 

When a table becomes available, from a cancellation or if you open back up a time slot, a green box will appear. If you click this is will allow you to assign the booking to a table. 

Alternatively if you don't have the time slot available at the customers booked time, if you have spoken with the customer to reschedule to another time you can then click the booking time in the unassigned and then this will allow you to view the booking details and amend the booked date/time as necessary to allocate the booking to a table. 

Please always ensure you keep updated with your availability via email (, phone (0141 846 1528) or through your online dashboard. 

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