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I want a booking not to be able to be moved to another table by the staff.
I want a booking not to be able to be moved to another table by the staff.

How to lock a customers booking to a table.

Written by Chelsea
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If you have a specific booking set on a special table number for any reason and you do not wish for any staff to be able to move this to another table, you can lock the booking. 

With the table being locked, this means it can only be moved to another table if overridden by a manager/owner authorisation when logged in as a waiter access level or moved if you are logged in as a manager/owner.

How to lock a booking

In the customer's individual booking place (IBP), next to the table number you will see a padlock icon as per below. To lock this booking, click the lock to close this and securing the booking to that table.

In the Diary and Booking views, the booking will then have the lock icon displayed as per below.

In the Grid view, it will also appear as per the below image so staff can easily identify this in each booking view.

Authorisation to move the locked booking

If a waiter login attempted to move this booking in the (IBP) using the 'quick move' feature, they would be presented with the following pop up which requires a manager PIN or password to override the move.

Within the Grid view, a similar pop up will appear when trying to drag and drop the booking to another table when logged in as a Waiter. A manager/owner is required to authorise this change.

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