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Can I allocate bookings to certain tables via the table layout.
Can I allocate bookings to certain tables via the table layout.

How to manually allocate and move bookings to another table using the table layout icon within the booking.

Written by Chelsea
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Some restaurants prefer to visually see the table layout when moving and allocating specific bookings to simpleERB. 

At simpleERB we do suggest using the grid view to fluidly move around bookings, however, you may on occasion need to manually visualise where you will place a party of 13 covers on a certain date. 

Allocating a Table to a New Booking -

When you are inputting a brand new customer into simpleERB and you click the 'table layout' to manually allocate the booking to a table, you will see that the available tables will be green and you can click the preferred table, then proceed to 'save the table layout' and you will then be prompted with a pop up message to confirm the change. You will then need to save the booking form.

Selecting preferred table for the booking then clicking he 'save table plan' button. 

Pop up prompt to confirm the table change. 

Allocating a Table to a Confirmed Booking - 

If you are re-allocating an already confirmed booking to another table, this is when the 'table layout' appears different with all tables (available and booked) being white. In order to re-allocate a confirmed table in the table layout you need to take a couple of steps.

When you click the 'table layout' for a confirmed booking, the booked table will be blue (see above image) and you will need to click this to un-select this table. 

The booking details will then be moved to the side of the page (see image below). You then need to select the tick on this booking information and then hit the "swap table" blue button and all the available tables will become green. 

You will then see that the available tables will become green coloured (see below image). You can then click the required table and then click the 'save the table plan' button.    

A pop up prompt will then appear to confirm the table move before taking you back to the booking form to save.

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