If a customer contacts requesting personal data to removed under the EU (GDPR), to permanently remove their details from your simpleERB customer database,  you will need to email us (help@simpleERB.com) in order for our technical team to anonymise. 

We will require the following information; 

Customer Name
Contact Number
Email Address
Restaurant name ( for your simpleERB account) 

Please be aware this can take up to 28 days to complete, we will let you know via return email once this has been actioned.

The customers data will then become anonymised within your account, so you will retain the customers booking date/time/covers for your records, however, all further details are removed. 

You can also begin the data removal process in your simpleERB account by ensuring the customer has been "opted out" from your marketing database. 

To find out how to "opt out" a customer in your account, please see our help article here. 

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