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Why are all my booking time slots showing as manager bookings and waitstaff can't book them?
Why are all my booking time slots showing as manager bookings and waitstaff can't book them?

Are your bookings still 'manager only' after going through your settings?

Written by Anthony
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If you are seeing the below page when you open simpleERB to the booking view and you have already exhausted all of the options within this help article, it could be that your smallest booking size is set greater than 2 covers.

If this setting has been set up by mistake, you can amend this via the link below:

You can change the smallest setting to 2 covers and your bookings page and grid then be bookable by staff and not restricted to 'managers only'. 

Based on the above example, between 5pm and 8pm on Saturdays the bookings page will show as 'manager only' bookings, however all day on Mondays will show as manager only bookings. 

If you require the smallest table to always be greater than 2 covers for your entire time slots on a booking date, it is possible for wait staff to still make bookings. 

In order for wait staff to book, before selecting a time slot for the customer, they will need to adjust the covers button to the minimum covers set for that date. The covers button (see green highlight below), when amended to the minimum covers which is set, all time slots will change to bookable by wait staff. 

Please see example image below showing the booking time slots bookable by wait staff when the minimum covers button is selected.

The covers buttons will always default to 2 people and is unable to be changed as 2 people are the basis of a majority of customer bookings. 

You should also be aware that the booking widget will default to 2 covers, so if you do require a minimum covers of greater than 2 on a certain day, you will need to make customers aware by adding text above your widget on your website. 

If after making the changes to smallest/largest the issue is not resolved, it could also be attributed to a minimum cover size set up for your restaurant areas here. Check that none of your main areas have a minimum booking cover size set to allocate bookings into that area. The minimum booking cover size is more your event/functions/private party areas that may require a minimum booking size of at least 10 covers to open this.

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