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How do I add a booking?
How do I add a booking?

How do I input a customers telephone booking into my simpleERB?

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You can add a customers booking into simpleERB via the booking or grid view. 

The differences between each view are; 

Booking - a quick view of each time slot and the system allocates automatically a table to the booking requirements as per your settings

Grid - a tabular view where you can easily see each bookings service status, available tables and select specific tables to make bookings 

See our quick video here about our three different view we have in simpleERB. 

Making a booking with the Booking view

Access the booking view page by selecting the bookings tab at the top of the page.

Choose the required time slot and select “make booking”. You will then be presented the individual booking place (IBP) for the customers details. 

The top section of the IBP (screenshot below) allows you to change the date and time of the booking as well as the covers and turn time. simpleERB will predict the best table number according to your settings. 

The rest of the IBP allows you to enter customer contact details, select quick info bookings to attach to the customers data profile and any booking comments. 

As you enter customer details simpleERB will suggest customers that have previously booked. 

This allows you to quickly fill out the booking form for this customer and lets you see customer notes including how/when they last booked and previous booking notes. Simply click the arrows on the left side of the suggested customer info to include them in the booking form. 

If this is not the customer you are booking for select “not this customer” and another suggestion will be made.

You can also select booking offers, mark the customer as opted in for email marketing and send manual email/sms notifications. Remember to save the booking after making any changs.

Making a booking with the Grid view

Select the grid tab from the view buttons at the top of the page.

In order to make a booking on the grid , select the table and the time slot box you wish to book. 

A single click will bring up the blue booking buttons; 'Book T3 (2C)' and 'Add Walk-in'. If you want to add extra tables to the booking to make a table join, just select another table from the grid at the same booking time slot. This will bring up a blue button advising of the joined tables. 

A single click on the preferred booking/table box will bring up the IBP straightaway.

To make the booking on this table you then need to click the blue button which will bring up the normal IBP as outline earlier.  If you select the walk-in option, a quick booking popup appears to easily record the customer. 

Once you have added your booking to the grid view, you can edit by double clicking th booking to bring back up the IBP. To quickly change tables or increase/decrease the stay time, it easy in grid view by just clicking and dragging the booking. You will always be prompted with a pop up box the notify and confirm the changes. 

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