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Can I link multiple simpleERB restaurant accounts together?
Can I link multiple simpleERB restaurant accounts together?

Linking accounts allows a quick switch over without having to login

Written by Anthony
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If you oversee more than one simpleERB account or if your restaurant is part of a chain, we can link your restaurant accounts together. This will allow you to have quick access between accounts without having to login to each account separately and you can set different access levels for user logins. 

Important: Please note that once your restaurants are linked in simpleERB these cannot be unlinked. This can become problematic if there are any changes to ownership. 

If you wish to proceed with linking your accounts, please get in touch with the team at  

Once your accounts are linked, switching is and setting up different access levels is easy.  

You can switch using the "switch restaurant" button in the top right hand side. If you have more than one restaurant link, a drop box will appear with the selectable accounts. 

To change and choose which staff have access to which restaurant accounts, you need to login as an owner and view the staff setting.  

You can then edit each user individually and select which staff have access to what accounts using the tick options against the accounts. 

Depending on the users access authority level, this will determine what limited access they have to the account settings/operations. 

With the above example, this wait staff member will only be able to view one restaurant account and only have waiter access to make bookings.

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