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How do Quick Info Buttons work?
How do Quick Info Buttons work?

Quick Info Buttons help you to get to know your customers better?

Written by Anthony
Updated over a week ago

Using our quick info buttons on a booking can help you get to know your customers better and assist with potential email marketing campaigns. 

The quick info buttons are located on every customer individual booking place (IBP). When selected and highlighted blue, these are then saved to the customers booking and the customers historical data. This way when the customer books again and you use the auto fill customer option when matched, you can transfer these over quickly and already know the customers special booking requirements.

An example on how these buttons can help,  would be if you want to find out how many of your customers are vegan, as you are interested to see if you should introduce more vegan options on your menu. If you found it was a high percentage, you could also then export this information to a spreadsheet where you can create a mailing list to invite your vegan customers to a new vegan menu tasting night or let them know of a new vegan menu items you are introducing. 

In order customise the quick info buttons, visit the following link:

You can customise any buttons you would like and to add more options, just type the button name and save. You can also edit the order by clicking up or down.

 simpleERB defaults to these options:

Once you have recorded a few customers bookings using these buttons, you can start pulling the reports.

At the top right of the screen when logged in as a manager/owner, you will see a reports option. Open view all reports and select “Customers Export”. Here you can specify the customer data criteria you are looking for from a booking period and see if they opted in for marketing. 

The generated list in simpleERB can then be exported as an csv file which you can use for email marketing. 

You can also use this report to see how many customers booked a specific offer handy to know if you should run this again or to request feedback from those that did.

See our quick overview video here about simpleERB reporting. 

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