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How can I obtain specific customer and booking data reports.
How can I obtain specific customer and booking data reports.

See our extension list of useful reports.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

At the top right hand corner of your simpleERB account, if you are logged in as a manager/owner you will have access to a reports tab. 

You can also access it here -

When you click this, you will be presented with a quick view or cover and booking stats for your restaurant. They are great for a quick glance and the pie chart help to visual the data. 


  • Booking source (walk-in vs. widget vs. telephone) 

  • Bookings vs. No Shows 

  • New vs. returning customers 

To view all the reports you can pull using your booking data, click the grey bar at the top of the report page. This will produce a drop down list of all the selectable reports. 

Click on the report you would like and you will see a yellow help text box giving a brief description. 

Once you select the data criteria or period and click 'search' the report information will be listed. Some reports you can export the data into a csv. file in order to use this on other software to assist financial forecasting, rostering and ordering. 

See our quick overview video on simpleERB reports here.

If you have an idea for a report, please let us know! (

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