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Why am I no longer receiving customer booking emails from simpleERB?
Why am I no longer receiving customer booking emails from simpleERB?

See our checklist to make sure you receive booking notifications.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

We often find that emails are being delivered, however, they are being filtered into spam/junk or 'other' folders or your provider has for some reason stopped them from being received.

If you find all of a sudden you stop receiving simpleERB booking email notifications, see our check list suggestions below.

  • Check junk/spam folders for these emails and ensure you add the email address ( to your safe address contact list. 

  • Make sure that the tick box within restaurant info for "Email web bookings to the bookings email address?" is selected. 

  • Ensure that all emails listed in above section are seperated with a ;  (semicolon) 

  • Add an extra contact email (outwith current listed ones and a different provider) to receive booking emails and make a few test bookings to check if this mail begins receiving emails. If you use Gmail, add a Hotmail email to check it is not the provider preventing bookings. 

  • Are the extra email contacts listed in above setting receiving the emails - if so this might be the email provider filtering these emails. 

  • Search within your email provider for the subject line ( Booking Confirmation for 'name of restaurant' ) in case they are being filtered into another folder by accident. You can always search emails using a widget specific booking reference as this is always listed in the subject. 

  • Make a test booking (with a different email address) to see if emails are being sent / delivered to the customer address added - if not, please contact us. 

  • Make sure that if you are pulling web emails into an app (eg. on Mac), you need to ensure you have the folders correctly syncing. 

If you have exhausted all of these, then email us at as our email provider may have stopped sending emails due to emails being undeliverable or being marked as spam/junk. We will be able to check this for you and reinstate if this is the case. 

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