You might need to partially refund a customers deposit payment due to a drop in numbers prior to the booking or on the day of the booking or for another unforeseen reason. You can easily partially refund a customer's payment within your Stripe account. 

All you need to do is login to your Stripe account and then locate the customer Stripe payment key in their simpleERB booking. See from the screenshot below, the Stripe key number is located in the deposit box the customers booking above the 'refund deposit' button. 

Copy this and paste it into the Stripe search bar in your account. This will then locate the customers payment page for this transaction. 

From here you will be able to locate a 'refund' button near the top right corner of the page information. When you click this, a refund payment pop up box will appear which you can edit the purchase amount to the desired refund amount. 

A section is provided for you to write a note to record the reason why this was partially refunded. Click the blue refund button to proceed with partial refund, you may be required to re-enter Stripe password details to authorise the transaction. 


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