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What type of widget designs does simpleERB have?
What type of widget designs does simpleERB have?

simpleERB has 4 different widget layouts to suit your needs and website.

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Within simpleERB, we have 4 different widget designs. Each one has its own different appearance on your restaurant website. In your simpleERB widget setting, you can choose your suitable design and click the selecter to produce the drop box that has the widget URL. 

This is the URL script you need to pass on to your website developer to upload to your site.

Widget designs 

The horizontal widget is 910 x 100 pixels, this opens out as a pop up overlay over your website into the standard widget design (example image further down article). See example below for horizontal widget.

The vertical widget is 220 x 350 pixels which opens out into a pop up overlay over your website into the standard widget design. This is the most popular with out customers due to it being quite compact. Some users will get their web developers to add text to the side of the widget to inform guest of any booking information they might need to know before attempting to book. See example of the vertical widget below. 

The standard widget comes from a link on your website that activates the full booking widget overlay along with your logo (if uploaded here). The standard widget is then loaded as a pop up above your website content. Se example of the standard widget below. 

The final widget design is a text only link. This will be helpful to use if you cannot use JavaScript on your website. Once the text link is clicked, the standard widget opens automatically into another browser window. See example below of the text only link. 

Remember to also use your unique widget URL on your social media pages such as; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to ensure you are exposing yourself to all avenues for customer bookings. 

See our link below on all articles regarding widget queries.

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