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Can I quickly contact a customer via SMS?
Can I quickly contact a customer via SMS?

Send customers a custom SMS from within their booking.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

If you have purchased SMS credit from within your simpleERB account, you can use this to quickly and easily contact a customer from within their booking. 

See our article here on how to purchase SMS and the benefits it can have for you. 

In order to be able to send a customer an SMS, the customers mobile contact number must be correctly listed into the mobile field. Once the mobile is entered and you have credit available, you will see a little SMS speech bubble icon appear next to it. 

Once you click this icon, as per above image you will see a drop box appear with a basic reminder text template. You can erase this to add in a custom message, please be aware it has limited characters. 

Once you complete your message, hit the blue "send" button to send the text. 

This can be helpful to quickly chase up on outstanding payments after the reminder email has already been sent or to ask a customer to contact you regarding their booking comments or dietary requirements. 

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