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How to split your opening hours in simpleERB for service sittings.
How to split your opening hours in simpleERB for service sittings.

This article will show you how to set up your opening hours if you close during the day

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If your restaurant closes at lunchtime for a couple of hours or if you wish to block off your simpleERB account for a few hours on a Tuesday afternoon you can split your opening service hours within the open/close times setting. 

At the bottom of the page you will see this box below:

You can add your open/close times for the first part of the day. You can then add a second open/close time to this day. The system will then only open the booking time slots you have added as bookable.

Your booking view should then look like this, with the nonbookable times between the service sittings appearing as 'manager only' bookings.  

You need to make sure that your last booking time and close time in this setting don't conflict with your table back by time you have in place. 

You can also set up advanced settings, your service sittings here so that you can pull reports and booking information pertaining to those sittings time periods. For example, you can split them up as lunch, dinner, pre-theatre, afternoon tea, so you can clearly see the booking covers being made within those booking time periods.

If you wish to amend this for a specific date, view our article on this here.

If you wish to have sittings with a cover capacity, please follow this link to view our article on this.

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