You might decide you want to make your restaurant fully ticketed, meaning every customer must prepay for their meal before attending their booking. This would be very useful is you are a set menu style of restaurant. 

You can easily do this in simpleERB with our deposit rules using Stripe integration and monitor outstanding due payment with reports. 

After setting up the Stripe integration (see more information here), you need to go in to the deposit rules setting and set it up so deposit payment is applied to every booking.  See our video about deposits/card capture here

From the example deposit rule image below, every booking made (telephone/widget) will request a pre payment of £25 per person and it will be due 3 days prior to the booking date. 

The payment is made by the customer through a secure link sent to them via email after making the booking.  

Customers are also sent reminder emails to prompt them to make the payment. You can always check the outstanding booking deposits by using the 'Deposits Report' and manually sending out another reminder email prompt from within the customers individual booking place. We have another article here that explains this further.

If you decide to become a fully ticketed restaurant, we highly recommend updating your booking terms and conditions policy in simpleERB here. It would also be advisable to add in a permanent message (see example images below) to appear to online widget booking users and ensuring your staff are advising telephone bookings.

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