For restaurants that are ticketed, meaning they require prepayment for a set menu to secure a booking, simpleERB is able to take the hassle out of handling payment with our deposit rules. Using our deposits rules ensures your restaurant is PCI compliant, which is that any captured card details or transactions processed are done in a secure environment. 

To set this up, you first need to integrate your simpleERB account with your own Stripe account. For more information on how to do this, please see this article

After this is successfully integrated, select the deposit rule here that you “want to take deposits for “all bookings” and add the price / covers requirements. See the example image below that is applying a £25 per person deposit for every booking which is required in 1 day after making the booking.

Your rule should appear as below, under the ‘enabled deposit rules’. 

Now when a customer attempts to make an online widget booking at any time/date on your widget, they will be alerted that a deposit payment per person is required to secure this. This is highlighted in the blue message box when the customer is adding in contact information. 

At the final confirmation stage of the booking, the customer is required to check each tick box to confirm they have read and accepted your terms of booking and that the booking is provisional until the deposit is paid. You can update your own T&C’s here, which we highly recommend. 

After confirming the booking, the customer is then directed to click a payment link to make the deposit payment right then or they can use the link within the deposit email they would have received. 

The customer's deposit information and status will be listed in their booking.

If you will also be accepting telephone bookings for your ticketed restaurant, you will need to set a permanent staff message to ensure they are aware of the payment procedure to reiterate to the customer at the time of booking. See the example below;

This message will appear to staff on the Diary and Booking View along with inside the booking form. Staff will need to advise the customers that you are a ticketed restaurant and prepayment is required to secure their booking. They need to inform the customer they will receive a deposit email with the payment link to confirm the booking. The customers booking will not be able to be confirmed in simpleERB without an email address. 

To monitor customers' deposit payments, you can do this by using the Deposit reports. This report helps you pull specific bookings over a period and the deposit type you require to view. Selecting the “show additional history” produces further information about each booking such as; deposit due date if a reminder deposit email was sent and the email associated with the booking. We have another article here that explains this further.

Alternatively, you can quickly locate deposit status in the Diary View by viewing “all” bookings using the tabs at the bottom of the diary. Next to each customer booking you will see the deposit icon (as per the key at the bottom of the screen) which identifies the status. All icons with ( $! ) next to it means the deposit is outstanding or overdue. The icons are displayed in all booking views. 

A scheduled reminder is always automatically sent the day before the deposit due date you set within the rule. You can always manually select to have this email resent within the customers booking by selecting the “resend email” inside the deposit status. 

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