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How can I know what menu the customer wants to dine from prior to their booking date?
How can I know what menu the customer wants to dine from prior to their booking date?

Set up your account completely with booking options so you are aware what menu they will dine from.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

Some restaurants will have a couple of different set menu choices available to the customer. For example,  a pre-theatre or supper menus, light bites with meal deal offers, tasting menus, afternoon tea and the good old fashioned a la carte. 

You might want multiple menus to always be available or only have some bokable at certain times for specific booking sizes. This is where 'booking options' can come in handy to help staff (especially the kitchen) plan and prepare for service. 

You can set up each menu , including your a la carte in the booking options setting here. Set your booking size restrictions, availability and how long you want this to be bookable for. To find out more about adding offers, please click here.  The example below shows 3 different menu types. To ensure the customer needs to select an offer in order to confirm the booking, you need to tick the check box at the top of the setting that states it will 'force widget users to select a booking option'.

The online widget booking customers will be presented with each menu booking option to click and book which will be identified on their booking confirmation and in their individual booking place (IBP) for you to quickly view. 

You can also keep consistency by applying the booking option to telephone bookings using the offer drop box in the IBP.

Helpful tips to remember - 

If you make sure you tag every booking with the menu booking option, you can then pull accurate booking data using 'customer export reports' for individual menu booking options. This could help find out which menu is popular or which customers/time slots are favourites for specific menus. 

You can promote your menu via social media for customers to easily book with a click using the 'booking options' private link. You can find our help article about this here.  

You can also set-up offers that allow customers to select where they wish to be seated, you can read more on this here.

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