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How do I use the promotions setting?
How do I use the promotions setting?

Use the promotion setting to monitor in-house offers with an allocation.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

We have a great feature to help with monitoring special in-house promotions you wish to run at your restaurant. 

Promotions can not be booked by customers online, they are applied by staff to the customers booking either at time of the initial booking. If you wish to have online booking offers for customers to select, see our article here. We also have an article here that shows you how to use offers to help customers identify where they would like to be seated.

These promotions might include, trialling a new menu to see how it is received by customers or to monitor and cap bookings for a special set menu on a holiday date. 

In promotions, you can quickly add a new promotion by creating title for staff, a brief description so you are aware of the details then an allocation and promotion running date.

In the above example, we have added a couple of promotions for March. One is to monitor how many customers are choosing the Mother's Day special buffet lunch menu to cap the allocation and then two promotions to observe which afternoon tea option customers prefer. This could be a different menu style or options between bottle/glass of fizz or tea/coffee. 

To apply the promotion to the booking, in the customer individual booking place at the bottom you will see a 'promotion' drop box appear. You can choose the applicable promotion to that booking and adjust the promotion number if only 2 out of a booking of 4 are having this promotion. See our example booking below.

The promotion covers will be deducted from the allocation in the promotion setting and in all the three booking views, you will be able to quickly see that the promotion has been applied. This can help with kitchen preparation or restaurant staff set up.

During or after the promotion you can use the 'customer export' report to pull all the customer details that have booked for that promotion. See the example images below.

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