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How can I join tables for larger customer bookings?
How can I join tables for larger customer bookings?

Create table joins so larger parties can book online.

Written by Chelsea
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simpleERB doesn't know that in your restaurant you can push together your 2 cover tables,  (Table 1 and Table 2) together to accomodate a party of 4 covers unless you tell it! 

To add in your everyday table join combinations, head to the "Table Join" advanced setting

It is best to add in as many configurations that you can offer in your restaurant to optimize your booking efficiency. This way when a customer makes a booking request, if a single table is not available, simpleERB will then go through the table join list to match a suitable join to that booking which is available.

In the image below, you can see to create a join you can select as many tables as you would like for that join. You then need to set in the min and max covers  for this join to be assigned to a table.


You can always create manual 'table join' at the time of booking using either the Grid View or the Booking View. 

Grid View -
Using Grid view is quick and easy to join tables for a booking. Just select the bookings date/time and then select as many tables as required. When you are ready to book, use the blue buttons under the navigation bar to bring up the booking place. See our video here for a quick view of the Grid. 

Booking View -
When making a booking that requires a join, you will be prompted in the booking place to go to the table layout. See image below and the red outlined box.

When you click the box, you will be taken to the table plan layout and the light green highlighted tables are the available tables and the white are booked. Click the tables you want to join so they become dark green then click 'save table plan' button which will bring up a pop up box to confirm the booking. You will then be directed back to the booking place to complete the booking.

Once you have added some table joins, you can rank them here. We have another help article here that explains how table ranking works.

You can also prioritize table ranking by covers, we have another article here that explains this further.

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