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How do I turn off 'table turn time'?
How do I turn off 'table turn time'?

Turn off table turn time to stop auto rebooking.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

If your restaurant would prefer your customers to have the booked table for as long as required or for your full service sitting, you can turn off the 'table turn time'. 

This will mean that the table will be blocked out in the diary until the end of the service time or lat booking time and will not be auto turned over. 

As you can see from the Grid view example below, both bookings added have marked out the entire service time in yellow.

If you do wish for this table to be bookable again by another customer, you would need to tick the 'table ready button' in the individual booking place 'status drop box' or use the Diary view tick buttons. 

This will then release the table from the booking just as it normally does when you have a able turn time set. 

See our article here about how to change your table turn times to your normal default settings. 

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