If you are required by authorities to generate a customer booking report for Covid 'track and trace', you can easily and quickly gather this from the Diary View.

In the Diary View, you can go back to past dates to see what tables customers had been booked and placed on.

Remember - if this is your only method for 'track and trace' recording, you must ensure you are inputting customer contact details for walkins.

Don't forget to screenshot your table plan layout (for each area) so the authorities are visually aware of where customers are seated.

How to view a dated booking report:

In the diary view, choose from the date calendar selector the specific date you require the report for.

As per the image below highlight in green, select the "print diary" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Once you click the 'print diary' button, a new internet browser tab will auto open and give you a printable list of the diary with the customer bookings, name, contact number, covers, and their table number.

You can then select the print button to print a copy or send this on to the authorities. The image below is the 'print diary' view you will b presented with.

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