You may wish to contact all your customer database or future booked customers via email to advise of new changes to booking conditions as per COVID19 guidance so they are aware in case it affects their upcoming booking.

To gain email contact details of your customer database, you can use your 'customers export report' here to identify the customers you need to contact using the 'visited on' date selection and select 'email' from the 'has following information' option.

If you were requiring a full list of all future bookings to contact, you could also use the 'future bookings' report here.

After clicking 'search', you will be presented with all the specified customer details for that selected booking period. At the bottom of the page, click the 'Export" button to download this list as a CSV.

You will then be able to use this CSV to import the data into your preferred email service provider (for example; Mailchimp, ActiveChampaign) to create an email to send to customers.

If you were requiring a full list of just future bookings to contact, you could alternatively use the 'future bookings' report here and then take the same steps to 'Export' the data and email from your email service provider.

See our article here on what steps you can take to ensure customers are aware of your booking conditions when making a booking with you.

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