Recent changes by Facebook have meant that the way to add booking to your Facebook page has changed.

The good news is that the newer method will also show on your page when viewed on mobile.

You can make it easy for your Facebook followers to make a booking by adding a call-to-action button.

It doesn’t cost anything to add a call-to-action button to your page - here’s how to get setup:

Create the button

Sign in to your Facebook business account, go to your page's cover photo, then select “Create Call-to-Action.”

Choose your Call-to-Action. (We recommend using the “Make a booking with you" option.) Your Call-to-Action will need to point to a specific url, we will use your simpleERB booking url

We'll be using the "Link to website" option

Get your simpleERB booking url

Go to “Settings” in simpleERB then to “Get widget code for your website” or use this direct link to widget settings or use this direct url -  Widget Settings for your account 

Click on “horizontal widget” revealing the widget code.
Locate the part of code that begins <a href="" and copy the web address located between the href="…" this is your widget url, note it somewhere for later. (Note: we have changes coming to make this step much easier)

Add the link

Paste the booking link into the Facebook Call-to-Action button

Confirm your details are correct and save the button by clicking "Finish."

Your widget is now available via a "Book Now" button on your page - it should look similar to the image below.

Did you know?

You can also take bookings through your google business profile? Here's how.

See our video here about widget set up. 

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