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How to set up multiple accounts for area bookings.
How to set up multiple accounts for area bookings.

Adding a second simpleERB account for booking area management

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If you wish for customers to be able to book a table in a specific area, we can assist by linking two simpleERB accounts together for you to quickly switch between to view the bookings. We will offer this second area account for outdoor/beer garden bookings free of charge, however, this account will need to be set up by you.

These two accounts, although linked together, do not share information or settings, bookings cannot be swapped between the accounts and the new account will have no customer database.

Important: If you are an EposNow integrated user, please be aware that
there are some limitations due to complexities with the integration.
You can have two installations of simpleERB but the second one cannot
integrate with your EposNow till. A table in your second simpleERB
install would have to have its tables opened manually on the EposNow
till, and the customer spend information from EposNow would not
transfer over automatically to EposNow when the check is closed.

How to set up a second account for an area

You will need to register for a brand new simpleERB account, please click here and then you will need to apply the settings tailored for that area.

If you already have in place settings for customer reviews, booking reminders, booking information buttons, booking terms and conditions etc... you will need to replicate these again in your new account. As the account is brand new, we also suggest using the import customer setting here so that your staff can at least have your current database available on the new account.

Your settings applied will all be in place just for that one new area. This means you can solely control the areas opening times, booking cover restrictions, payment rules and offers.

If you have this area within your current simpleERB accounts ‘table plan’ and ‘restaurant area’, it is best to delete these to avoid any confusion going forward. Please ensure all existing bookings are replicated in the new area or recorded elsewhere before deleting the area.

Once you have set up your two accounts, you will need to contact our team via email ( to advise of your two accounts in order for these to be linked together.

Adding two widgets to your website

Once your accounts are both set and ready to begin taking live bookings, you can then apply each of the accounts unique widget links to your website for online bookings. You will need to ensure that you clearly outline to your customers which widget applies to which area. For example, please see this link to a simpleERB users website with two accounts; one for indoor booking and the other for outdoor.

If you have any other queries about setting up this solution for your account, please don't hesitate to drop us a line (

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