As you will know, simpleERB uses integration with Stripe to allow you to take deposits. Recent feature releases from Stripe allow you to do some more neat things in simpleERB.

In Stripe you can now set up unique payment links for a set amount or per “unit” (e.g. a “person”), to send on to your customers to make a payment. The payment link can be sent to customers via email, social media or be available on your website. This can assist simpleERB users if they are looking for a full price payment for a specific “booking offer” that is either set up to be private or available for all bookings. We have listed below a few examples where this could be helpful.

1. A special ticketed tasting event where customers need to pay full price for the ticket, however, your restaurant is still bookable for normal a la carte service alongside this event. This could be for a private booking link sent via a mailing list or available for all web bookings.

2. You offer multiple afternoon tea options alongside normal service but require customers to make pre-payment for their chosen booking option.

3. You have taken a large party booking and you require them to pay a room hire fee and or prepay for a set food/drinks package.

Important Information: Stripe payment links are not integrated into simpleERB bookings, therefore, the payments need to be self-managed by your team to ensure customers are making the payments and you are recording the payment on the booking.

How would this work?

You would set up the ‘booking offer’ in simpleERB to your desired booking requirements. You can see more about booking offers here.

In the booking offer description, here you would highlight that this booking offer requires pre payment of £X to secure the booking which could be organised through an emailed payment or you could include the payment link in the description box. See the example image below.

If you are going to be sending the customer a separate email with further details for the booking (for example; a special event), you could also then include this link in the email for the customer to make payment.

How do I set up payment links in Stripe?

In your Stripe account, head to the product sections from the main menu bar on the left. Click on + Add Product, to begin. You will be taken to the information page below to add in the details.

Here you can add an image and add in the description of what the customer is paying for.

For the price information, to set this as a one time payment for the customer, you need to select the ‘standard pricing’ option from the pricing model and then ensure you select the ‘one time’ box. Once you have completed the fields, click ‘save product’

Within the ‘additional options’ sections, you can add in the unit type and a description for your view.

After saving the product, you will be taken to the products main page, from where you can proceed to preview and create the payment link for the customer.

Under the pricing section, click the ‘ + Create payment link ‘ button where you will see a preview of the payment page. On this page, you can tick in the option to; allow promo codes, let customers adjust the quantity of the purchase and collect customer addresses. See the example image below.

Once you are satisfied with the preview, click the “Create link” button at the top right. You will then be directed to the example page below to view your payment link.

Copy your link to your computer clipboard by clicking the blue icon button. You can then use this link to paste into the simpleERB booking offer description, add to the email you are sending on to customers or add to another payment page.

How do I monitor customer payments?

You can set up in Stripe to receive an email notification for when a payment has been received.

Once you receive this payment email, use the name to locate the booking in simpleERB using the customer's name in the simpleERB search box at the top of the page. Once you find the customers booking, you could then either; add a booking note to record payment received or you could set up quick info buttons with a custom button to state paid for X booking offer.

Using quick info buttons would be helpful for your team to quickly identify these bookings in the Diary view or when using the Customer Export report.

If you have any further queries about this, please get in touch via email (

If you are looking to just take deposits or capture credit card details for bookings, please see our FAQ here about how to set this up.

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