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Can I edit my tables maximum booking covers?
Can I edit my tables maximum booking covers?

You can edit tables cover sizes however you need to reflect the change in ranking settings.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

If you need to edit your tables maximum covers sizes, you can easily make the change in the table layout setting however, you will also need to reflect this change in other ranking settings you may have in place.

Select the table you wish to change, and in the right-hand side box titled cover, edit the number and then select 'edit table'. To save any further moves or changes, select the 'save layout' button.

After making the edit to the individual table, you will then also need to make changes to your 'prioritize table ranking by covers' if you have listed the table previously to rank for the old covers.

The ranking by covers setting does not currently auto-update when a change is made to the covers. This means the table could have previously been ranked for 6 covers and then changed to 4 covers, could be suggested and booked by a party of 4 covers. The system will override the booking as it is checking the ranking system.

To make the changes, search your common cover sizes and the table ranking in the setting and then delete the table from the ranking. The example image below shows T4 being ranked as the first table for 4 covers, however, the table now only holds 2 covers.

Please ensure you make the changes to prevent any bookings from being placed on a table it cannot hold which could potentially cause issues and overbooking at busy times.

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