simpleERB offers a PCI compliant solution (meaning that any card details or transactions are made in a secure environment), to take payments from customers both through the simpleERB diary and on the online booking widget.

Using the deposits feature will help restaurants cut down on no shows and allow them to manage other areas of their restaurant business, such as popups or events in the same place as their bookings.

We also allow you to hold credit card details for customers rather than taking a deposit straight away.

The difference between credit card capture and deposits;

Credit card capture
Your payment provider will store the customers card details for future use if you want to charge them in the event of a no show. (Make sure your terms and conditions tell customers this!!)

Like it says on the tin. Take a deposit from the customer for a booking.

You can set up extensive rules within simpleERB so that payments are only taken on bookings based on date, day or cover numbers and set a due date for the deposit to send auto-deposit reminders for payment.

How does it work?

To take payments, you will need a takepayments account. Takepayments make taking card payments for small businesses easy.

All payments and card details will be taken through takepayments and for security, none of this information will be stored within simpleERB. You can refund a full deposit within the customer booking place if required, however, if you need to make a partial refund or take payment for a no show or cancellation fee, this will need to be actioned within your takepayments account.

To find out more information about takepayments or to get a quote for an account, please click here.

How to integrate simpleERB with your takepayments account merchant ID and signing key.

Go to simpleERB's Advanced Settings > Deposit Settings menu and then Connect to Payment Provider account.

In this setting, you will see, as per the image below, the top box is used for takepayments integration and needs to be selected.

You can toggle the mode between test or live mode. When pasting in your merchant details supplied by takepayment, please ensure you use the correct live or test keys for the selected mode.

If you wish to use test mode, you will need to use test card details which you can obtain from takepayments.

Once you have added your integration details, you can then proceed to add in your deposit or card capture booking rules here.

To see our help article on how to add deposit and credit card capture rules, please click here.

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