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How can I update a customers contact information?
How can I update a customers contact information?

Updating your customer database with the customer booking.

Written by Chelsea
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You may find that a customer has booked using an incorrect email address, number, a duplicated booked with wrong information or is looking to update details.

To update your customer records, you need to make the changes in the customers individual booking place.

How to locate a customer's booking and update details

Using the customer's name or booking reference, paste this into the search bar located in the top right of the navigation bar.

You will then be presented with all the booking matches for that customer name. Click on the name to open up the booking to check this is the correct customer you are looking to make changes for.

On the booking page, edit the fields that you require to be updated and then 'save the booking'.

This will update the customer information for when the customer rebooks again.

How to remove/void the incorrect booking if duplicated

If you find in your customer search setting that you have customers duplicated you can rectify this by overriding the incorrect customer.

Locate a duplicate customer booking with incorrect information, then in the booking place, edit the fields with XXXXX so all the booking information is overridden. Save the booking to update this.

This will mean only the booking with the correct information will now match for the right customer in records.

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