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How to integrate simpleERB with the RMS payment gateway.
How to integrate simpleERB with the RMS payment gateway.
Integrate your RMS account with simpleERB to take payment and capture card on bookings.
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Before attempting the integration, please ensure you have been in touch with RMS using the linked form below. This form will request a new MID from RMS. If you are a current RMS customer you will need a second one for online payments.

After you receive the new MID from RMS, please proceed with the following steps.

Go to simpleERB's Advanced Settings > Payment Settings menu and then Connect to Payment Provider account.

In this setting, you will see, as per the image below, the box for RMS integration needs to be selected. You can toggle the mode between test or live mode. If you wish to use the test mode, please find RMS test credentials at the end of this article you can use.

Please use the login details for the backend of the system, provided by RMS, to access the required keys for the integration. You will be able to obtain your 6-digit merchant ID number & signature key.

When pasting in your merchant details supplied by RMS, please ensure you use the correct live or test keys for the selected mode.

Once you have added your integration details, you can then proceed to add in your Payment or card capture booking rules here.

Once integrated, you will need RMS to configure your account to allow refunds via simpleERB from the customer's booking.

To see our help article on how to add Payment and credit card capture rules, please click here.

For full information on how the payment feature process works with simpleERB, please see our article here.

If you encounter issues with the integration process, please reach out to RMS or simpleERB for assistance.

If you wish to test the RMS integration, please use the test credentials below.

RMS Test credentials

Integration keys

Merchant ID : - 101600

Signature Key : - Offer37Fresh7Blame

Test Card Details : -

Card Number : 4543 0599 9999 9982

CVV Number : 110

Address : 76 Roseby Avenue,


M63X 7TH

To simulate the different responses i.e. Accepted, Declined etc. you set the value of the sale to be within certain ranges as shown in the table below.

Amount range from

Amount range to

Expected response

101 (£1.01)

4999 (£49.99)


5000 (£50.00)

9999 (£99.99)


10000 (£100.00)

14999 (£149.99)


15000+ (£150.00+)


*Please be aware that the payment provider will charge you a transaction service fee on all payments processed.

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