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How to set up integrated booking buttons for Facebook and Instagram.
How to set up integrated booking buttons for Facebook and Instagram.
Take bookings directly from your Facebook and Instagram pages that are filtered into your simpleERB diary.
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simpleERB’s partnership with Mozrest has provided the opportunity to offer restaurants the facility to integrate bookings from their Facebook and Instagram pages into the simpleERB diary.

Important information prior to integration:

  • We suggest that if your restaurant business has both a Facebook and Instagram page that they are linked together so the integrated button appears on both pages when initially integrating. To find out how to link these, please refer to their support article here.

  • Facebook only allows one call to action (CTA) button on a page, therefore please delete any existing CTA buttons you currently have listed prior to attempting the integration install.

  • If your diary settings are enabled to identify child/infant covers, please note these are not applicable to the integration. The integration only allows customers to identify the total covers for a booking.

  • If card/payment rules are enabled, these will still apply, however, they will be treated as a telephone workflow where the customer receives an email after booking to add the secure card/payment. The booking integration doesn’t make customers aware of the card/payment required at the time of booking and there is no facility to display notes. We hope to have this option available in the future. At the moment within the booking integration, selectable booking options will not be visible to the customer.

  • You will need to input the following fields within the Restaurant setting section in order to proceed; restaurant full address, country, timezone, payment currency, email, phone, web address, latitude and longitude.

How to set up the integration

Head to the Facebook Booking Integration located in the Booking Widget of the settings.

From here, you will be directed to request activation of the integration. Once requested, click the ‘complete setup’ button to be redirected to Facebook to begin the integration.

If not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account. From here you will be asked to confirm the business account to use if you manage more than one Facebook page. From here, you'll be directed to select the specific Facebook page you wish to apply the ‘reserve’ booking button.

You will then be asked to connect your Facebook Ad account ID and your Meta pixel account for the corresponding restaurant.

You will be asked to select which connected Instagram account you wish to add the integration to if this is linked. You can skip if not required.

Next, you will need to confirm you accept the extension and the integration will begin linking. Once the integration is completed, you will be redirected to an ‘all set’ page. Click done and go back to your Facebook page.

You do not need to 'create ad' to use the Facebook 'reserve' integration. You can click 'Done'.

To view the 'Reserve' button on your Facebook page, you will need to select and switch the page view to 'view as'. From the image below, you can see the ‘Reserve’ button is listed on the simpleERB Facebook page.

When customers select 'reserve', they will be directed to the integrated booking widget which has the booking availability pulled from your main simpleERB widget availability setting. This will be entered into the simpleERB diary and the booking source will be listed as Facebook.

If your simpleERB diary requires certain bookings to be secured with card details or payment, the customer will receive an email notification of this to securely supply the requirement.

Please note at this time, the Facebook booking integration doesn’t make customers aware of the card/payment required at the time of booking and there is no facility to display notes. We hope to have this option available in the future.

Alternative setup option

If you experience any issues with the above steps for the auto setup integration or have 8+ multiple connected Facebook pages, please attempt the alternative process below. Before attempting this, please ensure you uninstall the Mozrest app from within the Facebook Business App section, see here for further steps.

Access the specific Facebook page that you wish to add the simpleERB booking integrated Reserve button to. Click the three dots on the page to view the menu and select the Add Action Button from the menu.

In the choose option of the Action Button section, scroll to the 'Reserve' option and select to connect to one of the integrated Facebook providers. Select Mozrest from the provider. list. You will be directed to a Mozrest page with various booking providers, select simpleERB.

You will be directed to the Mozrest 'login page' shown below, enter your simpleERB username and password you created to access your diary. This can be any username created in the simpleERB staff setting here. After this is processed by Facebook, you will be directed to a completion screen and the Reserve button should now appear on the specific Facebook page.

If you encounter any issues with the installation or the button is not appearing, please reach out to us for assistance with resetting the integration.

If you wish to uninstall the integrated widget, please see our article here.

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