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How do I set up customer reviews?
How do I set up customer reviews?

Get private feedback directly from customers

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

simpleERB's review facility is private, which means feedback received through the simpleERB review email is not publicly published.

To get private reviews directly from customers, enable 'get customer feedback' in the advanced settings menu.

This adds a link to the customer's confirmation email which they receive when they make a booking. The link is then active once they have attended their booking.

Approximately 2 hours after the customer booking date/time, they will be automatically emailed a reminder to leave your restaurant a review.

When you receive a review, you'll receive an email and you can view these in the review reports section of simpleERB.

You can tick a box that sends an auto-reply to the customer asking them to post their review on one of your preferred social profiles (Trip Advisor, Facebook etc...)

In the customer feedback setting, you can customise the message to the customer.

You can also set links to your direct social profiles up in advanced settings for customer quick access.

Getting reviews directly can help the restaurant amicably resolve any customer complaints you might receive.

It also gives restaurants a chance to drive customers to post their reviews on your preferred social platforms.

See our quick video here for a further look. 

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