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Can I block off my online availability?
Can I block off my online availability?

How to stop taking online bookings.

Written by Anthony
Updated over a week ago

You can amend your online availability in the configure widget menu which is in advanced settings.

This menu allows you to set times in advance that you might not want to take online bookings for, limit the time between booking and arrival as well as letting you shut bookings off automatically for the next couple of hours or the rest of the day.

At the bottom of the setting page (screenshot above) you will see options that allow you to control when you are bookable online. At the top you can see a “quick fix” option this allows you remove the ability to book through the online widget for; the next hour, 2 hours, 4 or the rest of the day.

The long term options allow you block  certain days/ dates and a time range for that day/date.

You can choose which tables you would like to suspend for example all tables in the function room on the 20th Dec 2019 between 14:00 and 17:00.

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