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Download your user list and use Facebook Ads with Mailchimp
Download your user list and use Facebook Ads with Mailchimp

How to keep your top customers, top customers, using Facebook Ads in Mailchimp

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We know many simpleERB customers use Mailchimp regularly to keep in touch with customers. You will have noticed that Mailchimp now has Facebook ads integration. 

Facebook ads are a great way to stay in touch with customers and you can create a variety of different campaigns with relevant messaging targeting different segments of your customer base. 

Limited budgets?

If you’ve got limited budgets and can’t afford to target Facebook ads to all your customer base, what should you do? 

One of the customer segments that’s worth investing in is your top customers. You don’t want to lose these people, you want to keep your top customers as top customers. 

These are the people with the highest lifetime value and focusing on them will be a wise and manageable use of your budget. There’s no need to spend a lot of money to keep your restaurant in the mind of this customer segment. 

Below is a quick way to market to these people using Facebook Ads in Mailchimp.

Set up targeted Facebook campaigns in Mailchimp

Go to ‘Reports’, click ‘View all reports’ and select the ‘Top customers’ report.

Select the date range required, click ‘Search’ and then ‘Export’.

Upload this file to a new ‘Top Customers’ list on Mailchimp. You need to create a new list, rather than upload to an existing list, as Facebook Ads for Mailchimp doesn’t let you segment your other lists to show just your top customers. 

Create a new campaign in Mailchimp and for the campaign type, select ‘Create an Ad’.

Give the campaign a name and click ‘Begin’. 

Under ‘Audience’ select ‘Contacts on a list’. From here you can pick the new ‘Top Customers’ list you just uploaded.

Give your campaign a budget, you can start low to test it out and adjust it ongoing. 

For your ad’s content, think about what you want to primarily communicate to these high value customers. Do you want to offer a special promotion just for them? Do you want to introduce a new menu to them? Or simply remind them about why your restaurant’s so great? 

Use a relevant, quality image, compelling copy plus a persuasive call to action. Check out Mailchimp’s best practices link at the bottom of the set up page for great advice.

Follow the instructions on Mailchimp thereafter.

You can track how your campaign performs in the ‘Reporting’ section of Mailchimp. 

A great way to supplement your Facebook campaign and maximise the results is to use the same messaging in your other marketing to these customers, such as in a targeted email campaign during the campaign period.

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