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I need to change my layout for a couple of days
I need to change my layout for a couple of days

simpleERB has a neat trick to cope with seasonal table layouts.

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Got a Valentine's dinner coming up and need your table layout just to be tables of two? Or is it coming up to Christmas and you need to rejig to make more large tables available?  Same for New Year's Day or Hogmanay?  Or just a one off event?

We know you probably don't want to completely bin your current setup so how about creating a second restaurant area? In restaurant areas create a new area, label it 'seasonal' or something which is clear to you. Go to table layout and add some tables. (You'll need to renumber them, afraid it wont let you have two table 1's!)

Then, in advanced settings go to closed areas. Make sure you close your regular area(s) on the dates you want your seasonal area and then vice versa, close your seasonal area off for most dates, except when you want to use it. Remember to do this after the date has passed too. Customers can always book in the future!

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