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How can simpleERB help digital and SEO agencies?
How can simpleERB help digital and SEO agencies?

simpleERB helps restaurant SEO and marketing

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If you are a digital or SEO agency setting up your restaurant clients with simpleERB can produce a large number of “wins” for a relatively small effort.

Prime among these wins are:

They will be bookable on the web, on their Facebook page and on their Google My Business page. 

They will start building a customer database that you can help them export to an email package like Mailchimp and which you can use to construct effective email campaigns to both loyal and “disappearing customers”.

They can get internal reviews and a further social media review prompt you can set with your desired social platforms.

You will be able to build offers for them and wean them off any dependence they might have on Daily Deal sites. 

We offer a recurring revenue share for agencies that participate in our programme.

Think of us as "Hubspot for restaurant marketing agencies"!

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