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General FAQs
General FAQs

Got a straightforward question? It should be answered here!

How do I set up the payment integration for card capture and booking payments?
Can I set up an area to be booked out for a single event/function?
Can I print my bookings for today?
Why is simpleERB taking longer to load and add bookings?
Can I edit my tables maximum booking covers?
How to set up a booking cancellation policy and cancellation reasons.
How can I cancel a customer’s booking in simpleERB?
Can I import my existing customer database?
How do I add new staff as a user
I want to keep tables aside for walkins.
How can I quickly get back to 'today's bookings?
A short walk video introduction to simpleERB
How does simpleERB help you easily keep track and view customer booking changes?
I want a booking not to be able to be moved to another table by the staff.
How much does simpleERB cost?
What is a manager only booking?
How do simpleERB pricing plan subscriptions work?
Can I keep a record of customers looking to be added to a booking waitlist?
I want to completely change my restaurant layout.
How can I contact simpleERB?
How can I pause my simpleERB plan subscription?
Can I use simpleERB for event/function bookings?
How to quickly autofill in a customer's details for a booking?
How to split your opening hours in simpleERB for service sittings.
Do you have any training videos?
How do I see table plans for a date and time?
What are the benefits of SMS credits in simpleERB?
How to restrict a restaurant area from low cover bookings.
How simpleERB can assist with planning for busy service periods.
How can I monitor when bookings are added?
Can I partially refund a customer's payment?
Why am I no longer receiving customer booking emails from simpleERB?
Can I pause my plan subscription for my seasonal restaurant?
How to view your recent cancelled bookings quickly in diary view.
How simpleERB with payment integration can help you.
Where can I record and communicate daily operations to managerial staff?
How do I add a booking?
Can I delete tables in the table layout?
How does simpleERB keep customer data and staff logins secure?
How long is the simpleERB trial period?
Why are all my booking time slots showing as manager bookings and waitstaff can't book them?
Removing customers details when the customer has requested personal data to be erased.
How do I add a customer booking.
How to 'opt out' a customer from your marketing database.
What happens when I drop down a payment plan that doesn't include the premium features?
How can I monitor no shows?
Can I allocate bookings to certain tables via the table layout.
How does simpleERB match a customer for auto fill use in the data base.
How do I set up my simpleERB account?
How to add extra levels of authority to staff logins.
Where can I download my invoices?
Why can't I add a booking into the diary/grid view?
I want to close a certain restaurant area for all bookings.
Can I prevent online bookings on certain tables/restaurant areas on specific days?
Can I block certain tables from online bookings?
Be prepared for Valentine's Day
How to add today's bookings to a waitlist.
I want to take bookings on a date we are normally closed.
How does simpleERB help me?
How does simpleERB charge for covers?
What features does simpleERB have?
How to reduce no shows in your restaurant to near zero.
Restaurant noshows - take payments or hold creditcard numbers? Which best?
Can I use simpleERB to handle deal companies?
Should I actually charge no show customers a deposit or cancellation fee? The maths!
I can only make "Manager" bookings later in the evening. How can I fix this?
Do you have an app?
How to take a walkin booking.
Can I send booking reminders to customers?
Can I leave a message for customers on the widget?
How do I remind staff about different types of info?
How does the Grid view help with table management?
My customers can't book tables in the future
Is there a limit to the amount of users or devices that can use simpleERB?
I can't remember my password!
How do I download my customer database that have opted in to our mailing list or marketing emails?
Is simpleERB available in different languages?
How long does simpleERB keep me logged in for?
Can I give the customer a booking reference?
How to locate a customer booking quickly
Can I use 4g for simpleERB?
Increase booking exposure from Apple Maps with Apple Business Connect for your restaurant
Why are bookings being allocated to tables that hold smaller covers than the booking's covers size?
How to close a table off from bookings.