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Advanced Features

Want to use some simpleERB superpowers? Here's how.

What is the character limit for SMS credits?
Can I get a report of all future bookings?
How can I add a private booking option for a special event when the restaurant is closed?
How to move tables quickly in Diary view
How do the enforced card/payment rules work for the auto cancellation process?
How does the 'requested rule' work for bookings that require card capture/payments?
How can I update a customers contact information?
How to add card capture or a payment requirement to a Booking Option.
How can I generate bookings from Google?
How to integrate simpleERB with takepayments for customer payments and card capture.
Using “block of Dates” for Settings edits over night
How do I set up and use simpleERB's Covid-19 contact tracing feature?
How do I add staff logins?
Why is the customers booking stay time 'None' and I cannot change it?
How to set up multiple accounts for area bookings.
How long are card capture details held for within Stripe to be able to make a charge?
How to take payments for No Shows/Late cancellation bookings.
Can customers select where they wish to be seated when booking online?
How do I turn off 'table turn time'?
How can I change a tables turn time for a specific date/day and covers?
How can I generate bookings using the Reserve with Google integration?
How can I join tables for larger customer bookings?
How do I use the promotions setting?
How can I know what menu the customer wants to dine from prior to their booking date?
What are the 4 authority login access levels?
How can I restrict booking covers on certain single time slots?
How to set a minimum and maximum booking size at a specific time slot.
How do I make my restaurant completely ticketed for bookings.
How can I make my restaurant bookings 100% ticketed?
Can I add a 'buffer' time to our table turn time without customers knowing?
How can I close out a time slot for all bookings.
Can I quickly contact a customer via SMS?
How can I add private online booking for a promotion?
How can I amend my normal booking time slots for a specific day.
How can I obtain specific customer and booking data reports.
How can I make specific time slots bookable by a manager only?
How can I monitor customer payments?
Can I take payments for online widget bookings?
How do Quick Info Buttons work?
Can I link multiple simpleERB restaurant accounts together?
Can customers receive a receipt for their booking payment?
How do I change the settings so that only a owner or manager can cancel bookings?
How to integrate with Stripe for payments and card capture.
Can my staff take payments/card capture for telephone bookings with simpleERB?
How do I refund a customer's payment?
How can I waive a specific customers payment?
How can I ensure my larger tables are booked last or only for larger parties?
How to set up payments and credit card capture booking conditions.
Why do I have bookings in the unassigned tab?
Forward covers and business planning
Override covers for a time slot on a specific date.
How does the payment or capture card process work on bookings?
I want a table which only managers can put a booking on
How do I add selectable booking options?
How do I set up customer reviews?
How can simpleERB help me at Christmas?
I need to change my layout for a couple of days
How to stop repeat no shows.
Download your user list and use Facebook Ads with Mailchimp
How can simpleERB help digital and SEO agencies?
How do I rank my tables?
Can I see a list of regular customers who haven't visited recently?
How to update your Ts & Cs
Can I add any custom features to my table layout?
How does simpleERB send emails from my restaurant to customers?
How to set up Christmas party nights in simpleERB.
How to set up Reserve integrated booking button for Facebook/Instagram.
How can I set up specific booking timeslots that differ from the default timeslot increments?