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Where can I record and communicate daily operations to managerial staff?
Where can I record and communicate daily operations to managerial staff?

How to utilise the manager's day book feature.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

In simpleERB located on the Diary view, we have a great feature to log and record daily communication to your team.

As you can see below, the 'manager's day book' is viewable on each date only in the diary view. This feature is visible to waiter logins. To view the details that have been added, you need to click the bar which will produce a drop-down box.

The 'manager's day book' is ideal to record daily operational notes between managerial staff or highlight operational tasks and issues. All information added is recorded according to the date tab, which makes it useful to trackback to certain days to see historical information that was added.

The information added, however, does not identify who has added what text. You would need to manually note who has entered the information if required. 

On the 'managers day book' we also record any cancellations made on that date, this includes cancellations for future bookings. This is helpful to quickly identify large cancellations that you may potentially be able to book in customers that you may have set aside on a waitlist or to enforce any cancellation payment policies you may have in place. 

The cancellations (see below), shows the booking information clearly and the time of the cancellation. 

See how you can also use the manager day book as an advance waitlist solution here.

If your staff forget to check this, you could note in a 'staff message' to prompt staff to check this daily.

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