If you have a customer request to be added to a booking 'Waitlist' and to be contacted if you have a cancellation or no show, you can record them in your 'Manager's Day Book'.

The 'Manager's Day Book' is located in the Diary view. If you click the 'Manager's Day Book' it expands as per the further image below.

Note that the 'Manager's Day Book' is associated/saved to the date listed in the calendar selector, so make sure you are on the correct day! To find out more uses for the 'Manager's Day Book', click here.

Any cancellations made on the current date in simpleERB...

...will automatically be added into the Manager's Day Book for that day.

If you get requests to be added to a waitlist for cancellations you can add write them in. Here we see a request from a "Mr. Watson" for a table should one become available.

As mentioned, when you are on the current date in the 'Manager's day book', you can see all cancellations made on that date. So you can quickly look at the Manager's Day Book for the days ahead that have cancellations to see if there are any customers waiting to take one up. This will help you to minimise any losses from cancellations.

If you have a table available, you can then go to Booking/Grid View to make the booking for the customer and contact them to advise them.

Please note that this "long term waitlisting" is different from the "Waitlist" feature in simpleERB which is designed to create a Waitlist "on the day" for customers for whom you do not have a table available.

To see how to use the waitlist feature for the current date, please see our help article here and to see how to effectively monitor and record 'no shows', click here.

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