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How to set up payments and credit card capture booking conditions.
How to set up payments and credit card capture booking conditions.

How to set specific rules for obtaining payments and credit card capture for bookings.

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In order to set up your rule requirements for payment/card capture, you will first need to integrate with one of our payment providers; Stripe or takepayments.

The payment feature is included in the Pro plan price, however, you can add this to the Starter/Plus plans here for a small extra cost~ £15.00 pm / £162.00 pa (excl VAT).

How to set up rule requirements for payment and card capture.

For payments or credit card captures, you can set up multiple rules for different cover amounts/dates/times etc…

If you have any rules which overlap, then simpleERB will prioritise as follows:

  1. Booking Offers

  2. All bookings

  3. Date

  4. Block of dates

  5. Day of the week

  6. Covers are then calculated accordingly

Depending on the payment requirement (payment/card capture) for the booking, you need to select the corresponding booking rule from the options.

When you select a booking rule option, you will be presented with a drop down box where you can add in the specifics of your rule. See our example below for Christmas day payments. This payments rule has been set for any booking on the 25/12/2019 regardless of booking times and covers to require a payment of £10 per cover which is due within 7 days of the booking date.

You can enable and disable rules as you wish. If you decide you no longer need a rule, it will still show under disabled rules at the bottom of the page which you can re-enable as you require.

The customer will be presented with notification of the payment/card capture requirements. They will then be directed to your payment gateway provider, to securely supply either card details or to make the payment. This applies to online and phone bookings. For further information on the customer booking process for payment/card capture, please click here.

When adding rules for payments/credit card capture, you should carefully look at the terms and conditions of booking you may have on your own website and the ones that customers booking through simpleERB see which you can view here.

You may have edited this yourself already.

The default terms and conditions that we have provided for you say:

"You can cancel the booking via the cancellation link below."

"If you don't turn up at the restaurants at or near the specified time we reserve the right to charge you a "no show" fee."

"If you turn up with less than your booked number of people we reserve the right to charge you a partial "no show" fee."

You might want to add something like :

"If you cancel less than 24 hours before the specified time of your booking we reserve the right to charge you a "no show" fee."

Please bear in mind any relevant consumer regulations in your country. We highly suggest updating your simpleERB terms and conditions when adding these rules. 

See our quick overview video here of payments/credit card capture. 

*We currently integrate with the following payment providers to securely process and manage the payment process; Stripe and takepayments. Please be aware that the payment provider will charge you a transaction service fee on all payments processed.

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